What is RON?

RON (referred to as “Run of Network”) is the term where an advertising campaign or PMP is applied to the entire network of websites within an Ad Network. With a RON campaign, you are unable to specify what type of websites or placements you would like your ad to appear on. By choosing RON, the advertiser usually forgoes premium positioning in exchange for more advertising impressions at low CPM Rate.

RON  may not be appropriate for all brand advertisers, for example if you are advertising a Vegan product and you do not want your ad to appear on a BBQ Website.

Two of the benefits of using RON as a targeting option, is in return for not having a choice over ad placements or websites you will often see high scale of impressions delivered whilst seeing a significantly lower CPM rate. This can be ideal for advertisers running Retargeting campaigns or campaigns with a KPI of last click attribution.

For verticals like Healthy Ads, many Advertisers will simply requesting targeting RON cause they know the content is “on target” for their campaign. RON can be used via Managed Service or Deals.

Choosing RON does not necessarily mean you forgo all other trafficking options. With RON you could still apply targeting like ViewabilityGeoTargeting or Audience targeting over the top.