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Key Features of the Publisher Console

Homepage Snapshot

Upon logging into the Publisher Console, the Homepage provides you a quick first-glance overview of your earnings and overall statistics for the current month including fill rate, global eCPM and click-through rate.  You can easily look at the Previous month here as well.  If you are short on time, you can just visit this page and come away with a good understanding of how Gourmet Ads is performing on your site.  Also on this page is an estimated breakdown of your visitors by device: Desktop / Laptop, Tablet and Mobile.

Lastly, if you have an international audience and are curious as to what percent of your Gourmet Ads impressions are serving in other countries you can see this at the bottom of the homepage along with the respective eCPMs.  We report on U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, however we serve paid ads to most other English-speaking countries as well.

Daily Reporting

The Reporting tab allows you to drill down into the specifics of each day of the current or prior month, analyzing the fillrate, eCPM, CTR and estimated viewability which is a key component in the valuation of each impression. We provide you with the ability to download the data in the data range of your choosing into an Excel file. If you’re running more than one Gourmet Ads tag, you can click on a specific day and see how each tag has performed. Many publishers use the viewability data that’s provided to make changes to ad units with a low percentage, either moving the ads on their site or considering alternative ad types like “sticky” (also known as “adhesion”) units.

Dedicated Support

We know that website owners and bloggers want and deserve support on their timeline which could be any time day or night depending upon where you live and/or when you find time to blog.  Thus, we have 24/7 customer support for all your questions or issues.  To save you time, we have a comprehensive library of help topics that you can access via the Support tab. We are constantly adding more FAQs every week. From tips on setting up your tags using our popular WordPress plugin to questions about payments to suggestions on reducing webpage file sizes, we cover a lot of ground.  If you still don’t find the answer to your question or need technical assistance or a new tag you can contact us via a support ticket that will get answered in a timely manner. Most of our support tickets are resolved within a day.

Ad Tags

When you first join as a publisher, we email you your ad tags so you can get started. However, if you ever need to access the code again, you can find them in the Ad Tags section.  We offer Asynchronous Ad Tags which reduce page load speed and also lead to higher CPMs via our proprietary Header Bidding solution.


Are you wondering how to boost traffic to your site?  Do you have writer’s blog and are looking for some ideas?  Have you heard about ad viewability but don’t know how to improve it?  In our Resources section we answer all those questions and more in our white papers: “Traffic Booster”, “Publisher Revenue Maximization Guide”, “Food Blog Ideas” and “Viewability Guide for Publishers.” We also have an interactive food planning calendar for you to download to help plan your content in the months ahead.

High Impact

In addition to many standard display ad unit sizes, we also offer the potential to earn high CPMs from high-impact ad units like background skins, outstream video, overlays, pre-roll video advertising and more.  To see what these units look like on YOUR site and help you make a decision as to whether to run them, we have provided Preview links for most of the high-impact options.  Although more intrusive than standard display units, high-impact ads usually attract premium advertisers and pay much higher CPMs.

Payment Details

By visiting our Payment tab you can quickly see the date and amounts of your past and future payments.  Publisher payments are paid approximately 60 days from the end of the month. For example, January earnings are paid out on or about April 1st.  Our publishers are paid when they have reached at least $100 in earnings; any payments earned from our referral program count towards your monthly earnings.  If you haven’t reached $100 in a month, that balance will carry over to the next month and will be paid out when the $100 threshold has been met.

Referral Program

Because our best source of new publishers are referrals from our existing ones, we not only encourage them, but we will pay you for them.  The Referrals tab provides marketing materials like email copy, banners and buttons and ideas for Facebook and Twitter posts.  Feel free to use your own copy – just make sure to use your unique trackable link so that you get the credit! We also provide a section that contains detailed FAQs about how the program works. Lastly, click on the Reporting page in the Referrals section to track the status of your marketing using your referral link. You can see the URL of the publishers referred, the referral method (email, etc.), payment status and, once eligible, the date the $50 payment was made.

Other Features

Access these valuable features and more when you apply to become a Gourmet Ads Publisher:

  • Daily, real-time reporting with eCPM and performance
  • Access ad tags and redirection ad tags
  • Website details and social networks
  • Ability to modify the types of ads your site can run
  • Report audience details to assist in media planning
  • Payment details with history of pending and completed payments
  • 24/7 Support Center and ability to launch a support ticket
  • Over 150 comprehensive FAQs
  • Console reporting is updated in real-time, and uses GMT time zone. Publishers Console is available 24/7.

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