What is PMP?

PMP is a programmatic marketing term that stands for Private Marketplace. Private Marketplace is a private advertising auction, as opposed to public marketplaces. Advertisers can only access the private marketplace with an invitation, and it’s a real-time bidding environment.

Typically, high caliber publishers take part in private marketplaces, and offer their ad inventory to highest bidders among the select advertisers.

The buying platform or DSP directly enters the publisher’s inventory, and the rest of the transaction is done manually. Each buyer gets a Deal ID, the terms are pre-negotiated, and the advertiser needs to get approval to buy the advertising space. Inventory is sold based on impressions.

This approach allows publishers to select who advertises on their pages, and they retain exclusivity. On the other hand, advertisers can create a relationship with the publisher, get access to premium inventory, and custom deals.

Automated workflow is also one of the key advantages of PMP, as advertisers are able to target specific audiences, optimize their campaigns, and customize their ads in real-time.

Other advantages of PMP include: access to inventory not available on open auctions, premium access at a lower price, and better direct sales.