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Little Sweet Baker

The Right Ingredients

As a brand new blog, Little Sweet Baker had all the right ingredients for success: delicious recipes with mouthwatering photos, and great stories to sweeten the deal, but Lily Ernst had plans to grow her site to share her confections with the world, and she needed a great ad partner to complete the package. Gourmet Ads was her choice.

The Right Partner

“I hadn’t heard of Gourmet Ads until they reached out to me, “ Ernst said. “The introduction emails were persistent but very professional. I could tell that Gourmet Ads was a reputable company.”

Lily became a Gourmet Ads Publisher nearly 2 years ago and has been full steam ahead ever since, utilizing both standard and high-impact placements as part of her advertising mix. “All the ads that appear on my site are quality, family-oriented ads – a perfect fit for my audience,” she comments.

Sweet Success

Lily has also seen the fruits of her labor via CPMs that have helped her meet and exceed her revenue goals. “I am very pleased with Gourmet Ads. Everything from the customer service, ad quality and Publisher Console is second to none. I can’t stress enough how happy I am with all my interactions with Gourmet Ads. They are definitely the best ad partner to work with.”



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