Success in the world of blogging is always hard-earned. Getting your content in front of the right people and delivering returns requires time, connections, and investment. One of the best ways to reap the benefits of all three is to attend a niche-specific conference. There are plenty of options throughout the year, each offering its unique advantages.

Multiple Travel Conferences

Many travel conferences are held annually in different places, allowing thousands of professional bloggers to exchange knowledge and experiences. Many bloggers have blogging conference desiring. Choosing which conference to attend might be difficult with so many options available. While some conferences are more comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics, other conferences are more specialized and concentrate on particular niches, such as travel blogging conferences, food blogger conferences, or lifestyle blogging.

Blogging Conference

A blogging conference is a gathering of bloggers from across the world who want to exchange information, network, and learn from one another. These blog conferences are frequently hosted at hotels or conference centers over a few days. A blogging conference may be a wonderful place to meet other bloggers, get new knowledge, and find inspiration.

This article will list the best blog conferences to attend in 2023 and explain what makes them worth your while as an online creator.

Natural Products Expo West and Expo East

If you blog about anything related to natural lifestyles, the environment, or holism, the Natural Products Expos can help take that content to the next level. This event is split into two parts – a West iteration taking place between March 7th and 11th, and an East meeting between September 20th and 23rd.

Both are huge, featuring hundreds of vendors and brands that specialize in natural products. These span everything from supplements and skincare to beauty and wellness to food items.

The Expo is an excellent way to learn about new products, get product samples, and meet industry experts, marketing managers, and potential affiliates.

Social Media Marketing World – San Diego CA

Per its name, Social Media Marketing World caters to the world of stylish social media influencers and online content creators. This year marks its 10th installation, happening in San Diego from March 13th to 15th.

The event brings together industry professionals and enthusiasts alike for a three-day conference that covers pertinent topics, such as social media strategy, analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and more. With a jam-packed lineup of speakers, there’s something for everyone who attends.

Plus, networking is absolutely encouraged at SMMW. There’s plenty of time allocated to meet and mingle with other blog conference attendees, as well as to visit vendors and sponsors in the exhibit hall.

Whether you’re new to the game or have been blogging for years, this blog societies conference is a great opportunity to grow your network and further you can influence and work in an online event space.

Social Media Marketing World – March 13-15, 2023, San Diego CA

FLOCK – Orlando, FL

Speaking of amusement park conference venues, why not host one at the happiest place on Earth? That’s exactly what FLOCK sets out to do at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The three-day conference is tailored to those who want to make money as digital content creators.

Its speeches touch upon all sorts of related topics, such as SEO, blogging, podcasting, online course creation, and more. This could be helpful to anyone, but it’s particularly valuable if you’re newer to the blogging scene or are just beginning to monetize the content you produce.

Aside from the educational aspect of FLOCK 2023, the event promises to be a fun-filled affair. Attendees can take advantage of the surrounding attractions, as well as after-hours events and themed parties. Absolutely worth considering for travel bloggers and destination marketing organizations.

Consensus 2023 – Austin, TX

This blogging conference focuses on a very niche audience – FinTech. It’s frequented by those who work directly in the industry but is also a popular attraction for individuals who comment on it, such as bloggers.

An increasing number of people have taken interest in this in recent years as its sector further integrates into the mainstream. Breakout sessions on topics like cryptocurrency, Web3, and the blockchain afford attendees the opportunity to learn more about the growing market and its impact on society.

There are also expected to be keynotes and exclusive panels with industry professionals, as well as several workshops and networking opportunities to take advantage of.

Consensus 2023 Presented by CoinDesk | April 26-28, 2023 | Austin, TX | CoinDesk

Mom 2.0 – Scottsdale AZ

Mom 2.0 has been around for a few years now. Geared towards parents, it’s an excellent opportunity for any blogger that interacts with or speaks to this audience. The event itself is held in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the spring. This year, organizers have set the date and venue for May 7th to 9th at Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa.

Influencers and online content creators from all over the state and across the country are expected to attend, with the opportunity to take advantage of learning sessions, networking groups, meals, social hours, and more.

Mom 2.0 isn’t necessarily limited to parents, either. It’s accommodated a range of groups and creative entrepreneurs in years past, including travel industry professionals, food bloggers, online business owners, and experts in the digital space, entertainment, business, technology, social justice, design, and marketing.

Female travel bloggers, tour operators, and digital influencers could also make great use of the networking opportunities at this premier conference.

IDEA World – Los Angeles CA

The IDEA World convention is a go-to event for fitness professional development. With over 15,000 attendees in recent years, it’s not difficult to see why. This premiere offers a wealth of educational sessions, keynote speeches, and workshops throughout the five days that it runs.

It’s a one-stop shop for those in the wider health and wellness industry, with experts covering topics such as nutrition, personal training, studio management, and more.

Previous events have covered more specialized subject matter, too. This includes sessions on yoga, running, and Pilates – all staples of the fitness space. The IDEA World blog conference will be held in Los Angeles at the end of July between the 12th and 16th.

Traffic and Conversion Summit – San Diego CA

Who’s who in the world of bloggers and influencers? Attend this event to find out! Held annually in San Diego, California, the Traffic and Conversion Summit is extremely popular among digital diehards.

It covers a litany of web-related topics, like the Metaverse, ad buying, content marketing, copywriting, emerging tech tools, and more. Several big names have headlined the Summit in the past, making it a worthwhile visit for anyone who wants a genuine glimpse into the online space and its trends.

The only caveat is that tickets can get pricey – generally upwards of $500. But considering the possibility of early bird deals and the potential opportunities here, they might be worth the investment.

The Traffic and Conversion Summit is set to take place between September 12th and 14th. Generally speaking, the sooner you can get tickets, the cheaper they’ll be.

Traffic & Conversion Summit, San Diego CA - SMTP2GO

Bloggy Conference 2023 – Sandusky, Ohio

First established in 2011, Bloggy Conference has given bloggers, writers, and online columnists the chance to unite in one place for over a decade. Its expressed goal is to offer people “a new and continuously developing approach to growth, networking and education”, considering the very nature of the landscape and its constant change.

While every year is different from another, 2023 seems to have lots of good things in store. Just some of the event’s expected features include special guest speakers, roundtable discussions, one-on-one mentor sessions, and interactive workshops.

Bloggy Conference has earned a reputation for being an invaluable experience for anyone looking to broaden their presence online. It’s a great way to pick up new skills and make meaningful connections with fellow bloggers and industry professionals – and it also happens to take place at Cedar Point Amusement Park, so that’s always a plus.

It is set to be held in Sandusky, Ohio, from September 15th to 17th. Tickets generally go on sale for less than $200.

Outdoor Media Summit – Boise, Idaho

Does your blog cover topics relate to camping, hiking, mountain biking, or kayaking? Would you consider your audience to be the outdoorsy type? If so, the Outdoor Media Summit is definitely worth attending.

This annual event is held by and for creators within the outdoor niche, with the specific intention to make connecting and growing in the space easier. It’s also great for those on tourism boards or who represent travel brands.

The summit is known for its incredibly engaging activities, like special breakfasts, scavenger hunts, workshops, and learning sessions. Tickets are available in a bundle, with both hotel and admission included. This tends to make the price point much more reasonable, especially when compared to other events in the same category.

Travel Blogger Conferences

People now frequently use travel blogging to communicate their travel advice, recommendations, and experiences with others. Travel bloggers have grown in popularity with the emergence of social media, and many have made their love of travel a full-time profession.

The Best Travel Blogger Conferences In 2023

Travel Industry Professionals

The travel industry is a vibrant and constantly changing field where professionals strive to give clients the greatest travel experiences possible. Travel agents, tour guides, hotel managers, and airline executives are just a few of the many backgrounds and skill sets of these industry experts.

There are many different types of professionals working in the travel sector, each with its specialties. These experts in the travel business are essential in delivering memorable and pleasurable travel experiences, whether it be a travel agent assisting a client in planning their ideal holiday, a tour operator creating a unique travel package, or a hotel manager ensuring client satisfaction.

World Travel Market (WTM) Conference

Travel blogger conferences are organized all over the world to facilitate connections between travel bloggers and to educate them on the most recent developments in the sector. The World Travel Market (WTM), which takes place yearly in London, England, is one of the most well-known conferences for travel bloggers.

The World Travel Market is a three-day gathering of travel professionals, and tourism professionals from all over the world to network, discover the most recent developments in the travel sector and display their goods and services.

The conference includes keynote speakers, workshops, and seminars on a variety of travel- and tourism-related subjects. Travel bloggers should take advantage of the conference to network with industry leaders and learn about the newest travel trends and innovations.

Where Travel & Tourism Meet | World Travel Market London


Calling all health niche bloggers – this event was created for you. ShiftCon is a conference that’s solely devoted to environmental and wellness-related topics. It brings together influencers, sponsors, and industry professionals who share the same holistic values and objectives.

The content pertains to organic living, eco-friendly products, natural health remedies, and so on. While specific dates have yet to be announced, this event generally takes place in the fall around mid-October. Tickets are fairly priced as is, but early bird discounts are also offered.

International Food Blogger Conference

First held in 2009, the International Food Blogger Conference is one of the longest-running niche specific blogging conferences in the United States. Last year’s event took place in El Paso, Texas, and featured all sorts of discussions, speeches, networking groups, and education sessions.

One unique aspect of this blog conference is that it changes locations every year, encouraging attendees to explore a variety of regions and localities. It even offers food bloggers opportunities to experience local cuisine firsthand – like a fishing trip on an Alaskan vessel or a food crawl in New Orleans. You could almost argue that it’s equal for travel industry professionals.

Details for this year’s event have not been released yet, but with a reputation as exciting as this one, there’s definitely something in the works.

As can be seen, there are countless travel industry, business growth, and social media blog conferences to attend across the country this year – and we haven’t even covered them all.

With the right one, anyone can learn more about their niche and find exciting opportunities for collaboration, growth, and monetization. It certainly requires an upfront investment of time and money, but making the effort to attend can make all the difference when it comes to taking your content and blog to the next level.