The question every new Publisher asks is “how much will I earn?”

Our goal at Gourmet Ads is to display the most relevant and highest-paying advertisement every time your page is viewed to maximize revenue. However Publisher earnings are affected by a number of key variables that make it virtually impossible for us to predict the exact CPM rate and revenue an individual Publisher can earn.

Ultimately, your earnings are driven by how much advertisers will pay to reach your readers.

Key variables which impact CPM rates and monthly earnings include:

  • Size of your audience
  • Number of pages viewed each month
  • Number of ads per page
  • Demographic composition of your readership
  • Geographic composition
  • Performance – does your site have a high click through rate on ads?

Here are some things you can do to garner higher-paying CPM rates:

  • Have ads above-the-fold – many higher-paying CPM campaigns are only run on ad spaces above-the-fold. We recommend that publishers have at least 2 ads above-the-fold.
  • Run non-IAB units – Most sites only run standard size ads such as 728×90, 300×250, 160×600. Sites that run campaigns with outstream video, interstitials, pre-roll video, over-the-page, floating ads, and background skins will earn more as these placements attract much higher CPM rates.
  • Create new content all the time – sites that create content daily often outperform sites that create content once per week.
  • Utilize the tips in our Traffic Booster Guide – We’ve created a free guide with simple tips to help increase the traffic to your site. Publishers who have implemented some of the strategies have seen traffic rates increase by over 300%.  Download here.