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Outstream Ad

Access Premium Video CPMs with our Outstream Video Player

Gourmet Ads’ network of directly managed publishers runs its own Outstream unit, which is placed within the content of the page. Outstream video provides video ads from high-quality brand advertisers that play between paragraphs of text. The implementation is easy through our WordPress plugin which automatically installs it on your site 3 paragraphs down on the page. The size of the unit conforms to the width of the column in which the tag is placed. The ads are autoplay upon scroll and the volume turns on only on rollover. The video only plays when the player is 25% or more in-view. The player will also resize to show on mobile devices.

Click here to see a demo of how the Outstream video unit works

If you’d like to become a Gourmet Ads Publisher to run Outstream video advertising, please Apply Here.