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Gourmet Ads' Milestones

  • 2008

    – Founded by Benjamin Christie on July 1, 2008
    – Launched on the Adify Ad Serving Platform
    – First on-boarding of Australian websites
    – Year end: 40 websites serving 15MM Imps

  • 2009
    – Began on-boarding global food websites
    – Began offering 100% fill solution to Publishers
    – Expanded sales teams to New York, San Francisco
    – Year end: 100 websites serving 35MM Imps
  • 2010
    – Expanded sales teams to Toronto and Montreal
    – Expanded sales teams to Auckland and Melbourne
    – Year end: 205 websites serving 50MM Imps
  • 2011
    – Acquired
    – Added dynamic ad tags (multi-sized)
    – Expanded sales teams to London and Hong Kong
    – Began selling inventory programmatically
    – Year end: 327 websites serving 84MM Imps
  • 2012

    – Introduced background skins for Publishers
    – First “private exchange” sold to American Express
    – Year end: 406 websites serving 100MM Imps

  • 2013

    – Migrated ad serving to Appnexus
    – Launched the Gourmet Ads Publisher Console
    – Added IAB rising star ad units
    – Year end: 512 websites serving 130MM Imps

  • 2014

    – First to launch viewability reporting for Publishers
    – Added high impact units to Publisher Console
    – Began selling inventory on a contextual basis
    – Year end: 736 websites serving 276MM Imps

  • 2015

    – Introduced Publisher Support Portal & FAQs
    – Added outstream and instream video units
    – Opened New York office
    – Named 22nd in Deloitte Tech Fast 50
    – Year end: 1,496 websites serving 418MM Imps

  • 2016

    – Launched Header Bidding
    – Asynchronous Ad Tags
    – SSL Ad Tags
    – Launched WordPress Advertising Plugin

  • 2017

    – Added Outstream Video Player
    – RPM Reporting Console
    – High Impact Formats V2
    – Rolled out ads.txt in WordPress Advertising Plugin

  • 2018

    – Server 2 Sever Header Bidding
    – Native Advertising Formats
    – Optimize Feature for Publishers


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Meet Our Publisher Team

The advertising landscape changes fast, so we offer all of our publishers access to our knowledgeable, friendly Publisher Support Team. Someone is always available to answer your questions and help you make adjustments to ensure your site reaches its maximum potential. Lose your password, forgot the name of your account manager, or just looking for a quick answer? Check out our frequently asked questions or submit a support ticket—we're here 24/7 to help you succeed.

Caroline Katz

Director of Publisher Development


Krystle Smith

Publisher Support Guru


Jennifer Cochran

Publisher Account Manager


Brittany Richardson

Publisher Assistant


In Good Company

The Gourmet Ads network is made up of an exceptional group of food and cooking sites and blogs. Our bloggers are home cooks, budding chefs, cookbook authors, small business owners, and social media stars. They create content that's artful, innovative, and inspiring.

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