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Gourmet Ads is the world’s fastest growing source of online advertising for publishers of recipe and cooking websites and food blogs. Through our relationship with some of the world’s largest food, and home brands, we provide site owners the opportunity to monetize their content without the hassle of managing the day-to-day workload. From a 100% fill rate of global inventory to competitive CPMs, you’ll see why Gourmet Ads is the leading food ad network.

  • 24/7 Support

    With staff on every continent, your request for help never goes unanswered. Need help now? Access hundreds of in-depth FAQs and tutorials in our Publisher Console when you become a Gourmet Ads Publisher.

  • Industry-Leading Revenue Opportunities

    We won’t promise the moon and not deliver. But we do offer exceptional food sites like yours opportunities to create real revenue every day. Our team is ready to help you boost your earnings today.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

    Fill all of your inventory, or just a little. Our Publisher Support Team is ready and willing to help you find the right mix of ad placements to meet your business goals.

  • Valuable Resources

    We’ve compiled hundreds of resources to maximize revenue on your food site. From viewability and increasing your site traffic, to blogging conferences and SEO best practices, Gourmet Ads is here to offer tangible opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is in our DNA. From our world-class Publisher Console, to our WordPress Plugin and more, our goal is to create tools to make monetizing your food site more efficient, so you can focus on creating more amazing food content.


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Join America’s Fastest Growing Food Advertising Network

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To be considered as a publisher, website or blog eligibility includes:


Don’t meet our Publisher Eligibility Requirements? Contact Us to discuss.

  • Theme of the site must strictly be either a Food, Cooking, Coupons, Craft (including food), or Recipe Site (Ex: a website that publishes recipes or coupon content)
  • Have strong US, UK, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand audiences
  • Must be actively creating rich and highly engaging content
  • Be serving at least 10k page views per month
  • Able to give Gourmet Ads at least 1 ad above the fold ( 2 is our preference )
  • Have no stacked ads on any page
  • Preference is given to sites able to hard code ad tags to the site
  • Must have a Privacy Policy. If you don’t have one, see Privacy Policy for Publishers
  • Must have top-level domain like (we don't accept or site URLs)

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