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Publisher Testimonials

You guys are the best!

“You guys are the best. You always answer and help me fix things - while teaching me more about my website. Thank you again!”

Relevant Ads…

“The ads are actually relevant to the material on my site and the pay is so much better than what I used to have.  Gourmet Ads has really changed my income game in blogging!”

Top Quality Ads…

“I was trying another ad network and decided I like Gourmet Ads better. Some of the ad quality for other vendors really stinks.”

At the top of our list…

“It’s been so refreshing to work with Gourmet Ads. We’ve worked with a lot ad networks over the past four years and Gourmet Ads is at the top of the list when it comes customer service.”

Bjork O.

Pinch of Yum

Easy, Custom Installation with Gourmet Ads Plugin

“I’ve got them all installed and just have to say that you guys have made it a breeze with the new plugin. Best thing I’ve seen today!    ”

Consistently high CPMs…

“I am very pleased with Gourmet Ads. They have one of the highest, consistent net CPMs of all the ad networks I work with. They have high quality ads that haven’t required maintenance from me. Every other ad network displays a junk ad every now and then, which requires me to figure out where it’s coming from, and have it blocked; wasting my time, and potentially having a negative effect on our site’s brand, and hard earned respect in the industry. I haven’t had to block anything from Gourmet Ads since we started in July 2014.”

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