What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an advertising term which describes the process of recapturing visitor attention with the goal of driving sales. With this approach, ads are served to people who have already visited a client’s website, but haven’t followed through with a purchase. Platforms offering retargeting features keep track of visitors, and serve ads to them as they visit other sites.

Retargeting raises awareness of brands with the people who have already shown interest in them, and strives to follow the buyer behavior to reach the potential customers in the right moment in order to convert them to customers.

Retargeting is done through placing “cookies” in the visitors’ browsers. Depending on the size of the retargeting vendor’s network, the cookie data will allow them to serve ads across the web on or particular sites that a potential customer visits.

Retargeting is considered to be among the best conversion tools, as it shows ads to people who’ve previously expressed interest. Best practices include visitor segmentation (according to what they looked at on your site, or their buyer behavior) and call-to-actions including special offers or discounts.

Retargeting can also be used for people who are already in your contact lists (leads) to increase interest and improve CTR.