What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an advertising practice in which advertisers can re-engage potential customers who have already shown interest in a product or a brand, but did not follow through with conversion. It’s also commonly called retargeting.

Remarketing includes placing cookies on the visitor’s browsers or devices, where they are then added to the remarketing audience list of each advertiser. Audience lists can then be segmented according to different criteria such as actions taken (items added to the cart or incomplete enquiry forms) or items of interest (page on pants as opposed to a page on socks).

Once at least 100 visitor IDs have been added, an advertiser can serve specialized ads that are personalized to the remarketed audience segment. Remarketing best practices include highly-specialized offers that will increase conversion such as discounts.

Remarketing consists of ad remarketing (display, search and video ads) and email remarketing. Email remarketing is used for people who are already in your contact list, but haven’t followed through with a purchase.

It’s an efficient way of building trust in potential customers who’ve already expressed interest in you or your client’s brand, and they are very cost-effective on a per-click basis when compared to other ad types.