What is Audience Extension?

Audience Extension is a type of advertising technology especially beneficial to publishers who can now allow the advertisers to reach more people than the ones they could reach on the publisher’s site.

Audience Extension is performed through using the cookies. Publishers track their visitors with cookies, and allow advertisers to use the data in order to be able to serve more advertisements to the same users. This can be beneficial for increasing the conversion rate.

Additionally, the Audience Extension technology can allow publishers to monetize their audience data without placing ads explicitly on their site. Marketers and advertisers have better access to diverse, specific audiences by using this technology. At the same time, audience extension practices circumvent banner blindness by serving ads across diverse sites and avoiding the oversaturation of their target audience.

Audience Extension helps marketers and advertisers provide consumers with a more personalized experience tailored to their unique interests, while publishers can benefit from more revenue than they had access to before. The data aggregated with Audience Extension practices serves as first party data, providing unique insight into the behavior and interests of a desired audience, and increasing the return on advertising investment.