Why Gourmet Ads encourages Publishers to accept the 300×600

Most Publishers have designed their site to suit the advertising unit the 300×250, known around the world as MREC, Medium Rectangle or Big Box. Out of our three standard IAB units the 300×250 is, generally speaking, the best performing for advertisers, which is why we recommend that Publishers implement a 300×250 above-the-fold and one below-the-fold.

Recently, our advertisers have demanded an additional IAB size, the 300×600. The 300×600 is just over double the size of the 300×250 and, from a design and implementation perspective, go hand in hand with the 300×250. Advertisers love the 300×600, not only does it perform better than other units, there is effectively more real estate on the 300×600 to get the branding message across.

Implementing a 300×600 and 300×250 ad tag

We like to provide Gourmet Ads Publishers the best of both worlds which provides additional revenue opportunities. Which means, that providing your site can run the 300×250 ad unit, it should be able to run the 300×600 concurrently using a single ad tag. Our ad server will make a choice on the fly, as the page loads if it should serve a 300×600 or a 300×250 ad. By default we will try and fill the 300×600 as it pays approx. 20% higher CPM to Publishers than the 300×250.

Become a Gourmet Ads Publisher and be sure to accept the 300×600 in your Publisher Console.