The Gourmet Ads Publishers eligibility criteria states that a Publisher should not have too many ads per page. While we do not require a certain maximum or minimum number of ads, we do emphasize a clean user experience with a good ratio of content to ads. Ad density, the balance between ads and content should always be taken in to consideration. To help you find the right ratio of ads to content, please reach out to our publisher support:

This can be hard to understand, as many people believe more ads equal more money. For example, some Publishers believe that if they have 6 ads on a page and add 6 more revenue will double. In fact, it would likely decrease revenue! The more ads on a page the less value that page creates. Advertisers like pages where their advertising is viewable and distinguishable, not crowded out by too many ads. One example is the RecipeBridge Homepage.

So why does Gourmet Ads reccomend low ad density?

Campaign monitoring:
Advertisers use a myriad of monitoring and targeting technology to identify where their ads are running, and how many ads are running on the same page. After a campaign launches, advertisers send us a list of Publisher URLs the advertiser to would like us to remove from a campaign. Often sites are removed because there are too many competing ads on a page.

Maximum performance for advertisers:
Less clutter allows ads to stand out and perform. Advertisers want you to click on their ad or engage with it in some way shape or form so minimizing competition is the goal.

Ensures viewability:
Viewability is a measurement metric which is really important to Advertisers . It’s the rate at when the ads on your page are “in-view” – learn more about Viewability

Provide competitive separation for advertisers:
Advertisers love when they are the only ad on the page. When there are several ads units on a page, the more likely a competitor will also appear on the page.

Quality of Quantity

In summary, if you’ve got more too many ads on a page, you’ll earn less revenue, and be less in demand by advertisers. So now is the time to get in line with industry standards and stick to fewer advertisements per page. Check out this article on  positioning your ad units which will help understand where to place your ad units on pages in more detail. And don’t forget, we offer free custom ad placement and optimization to assure your site is earning maximum revenue with the best possible user experience to increase overall traffic!