A privacy policy creates transparency for your audience

Gourmet Ads has for many years required all publishers have a valid privacy policy on their website.

For those who are unaware, a privacy policy is notice (published on a URL) providing information about how a website visitor’s personal information will be used, dealt with and protected.

Gourmet Ads takes user privacy seriously and we highly encourage all Publishers to embrace our stance on privacy. Our position is that by being proactive, we’re making a safer internet for us all. Privacy policies are about complete transparency and are essential to building trust between your website and your audience.

There are various reasons why it’s important to have a privacy policy, but from Gourmet Ads’ perspective, the main two reasons are:

1. You’re missing out on revenue

We have a number of advertisers that insist that we only run their advertising campaigns on sites that have a privacy policy. In addition to this, we have a few advertisers that request monthly a list of the privacy policy URLs as they check them prior to running advertising on that URL.

 2. Ad tags use cookies

By using ad tags on your page, certain advertisers will engage with anonymous cookies on the user’s computer. Within your privacy policy you can explain this and you can even share a cookie opt-out link allowing your audience to remove them from this type of advertising.

Gourmet Ads makes adding a privacy policy easy

We’ve had our law firm create a privacy policy template that broadly covers all the major elements required in a privacy policy and is used by hundreds of publishers presently.

1. Download our Privacy Policy

2. Copy and paste the text into a new page on your site.

3. Customize or localize the text as required

4. Publish the privacy policy on a URL such as www.sitename.com/privacy-policy

5. Place a link to your privacy policy in the footer

6. Let Gourmet Ads Publisher Support know you’ve published it.

Gourmet Ads provides the Privacy Policy “as is” and does suggest that you seek independent advice before publishing on your website.