Gourmet Ads is currently included in comScore, and as a Publisher in our network you’ve probably received a request from our Publisher Team to sign a Traffic Assignment Letter (TAL) which is located here. We thought it was important to explain this further, along with why it’s essential for increasing revenue on your site.

What is Comscore?

comScore is a NASDAQ listed company which provides web business with digital market intelligence on sites and audiences. comScore is the preferred measurement service for many online companies and  provides networks like Gourmet Ads independently-audited statistics of our entire audience.

Digital advertising agencies
comScore provides media buyers and media planners software to better understand audiences, quickly and easily. Nearly every advertising agency around the globe uses some sort media planning software from comScore. So, being listed with us provides visibility through to agency staff for your site or blog. Because most sites have low traffic they don’t automatically appear in comScore, so this is a great opportunity to be listed.

Audience numbers
Having third-party audited audience numbers from comScore is a bit like having Google Analytics on every site in our network. This allows media buyers to understand the reach of the Gourmet Ads’ network. This is extremely important for brand advertisers who are interested in reaching as many people as possible for their campaigns.

Understanding the audience data
One of the greatest advantages of using comScore is that media buyers can dig deeper into audience data, (ie: how many children in a household, how grocery buyers go to the supermarket, etc.). This, once again allows the media buyer to analyze our network in consideration of running a campaign for an advertiser.