• Switching leaderboard ad tags run 4 different ad sizes

    IAB rising star units have recently grown in popularity by Advertisers and their agencies, due in part to the 970px wide leaderboards featured on the homepage of Youtube around the world.

    As a result, the team at Gourmet Ads has developed, what we refer to as switching leaderboard ad tags. Similar in nature to our switching 300×250/300×600 ad unit, the new switching leaderboard ad tags give Publishers a wide variety of ad sizes via a single ad tag, thus maximizing revenue.

    Ideal for websites that can run a 970 wide ad unit, above-the-fold, the switching leaderboard ad tags can run all these sizes:

    Benefits of the 970 wide switching leaderboard ad tags:

    • Four different ad sizes in a single ad tag
    • Higher revenue compared to the standard 728×90
    • Ideal for sites that can accommodate wider ad units
    • Can be run as part of a roadblock
    • Video, rich media or static creative
    • Can be run at the top of a website or in-line.

    If you’re a Gourmet Ads Publisher and would like to include a switching leaderboard ad tag on your site, please contact us.