VAST 2.0 video players for Publishers

Gourmet Ads Publishers looking to run pre roll video advertising before their food and recipe video content, are often challenged at the countless options of video players available.

We provide Publishers a VAST 2.0 compliant ad tag, as such our tag can be integrated into any compatible VAST 2.0 video player on the market. However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. We believe that getting started should be as easy as possible which is why we have tested a variety of VAST 2.0 video players. To run on all devices we recommend using a player which enables Flash and HTML5.

What video players solutions do we recommend?

There are two options available. Our first is investing in your own player and hosting environment, the second is hosting with Gourmet Ads in our turnkey video environment. Here are both options explained below:

Own player & own hosting option
Ideal for larger sites with hundreds of videos, our preferred video player option is to use the JW Player with their OVA Plugin. We like their video player it for a number of reasons:

  • Well documented – making it easy to get started
  • Customize the look and feel of the player with different skins
  • Easily configurable for a custom CDN or Amazon S3 for streaming
  • Works with Flash & HTML 5
  • Allows for linear and non-linear advertising
  • Does require some technical know-how
  • Vast 2.0 and VPAID compliant

JW Video Player Information – Click here for Information
OVA Plugin – Click here for Information

For Gourmet Ads Publishers looking at this option, we can provide a discount off the pricing of the JW Player and OVA Plugin. Contact Us for a discount code.

Turnkey video environment with Gourmet Ads
Ideal for Publishers with less than 100 videos and those not looking at investing in a full video player option with CDN. Gourmet Ads has a dedicated turnkey video hosting environment which is cost-effective for small Publishers and food blogs. You basically upload your video to our video server, copy and paste the player code into your blog and you’re ready to go. We automatically serve in the pre-roll videos for you managing everything.

  • FLASH and HTML 5
  • Simply upload, cut and paste, play
  • Ideal for non-technical people

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in our turnkey video players solution, contact us for detailed information.