Every great food post needs equally great photos, and with the help of Pixlr, you can create beautiful photos with ease. Like its popular web version, the new desktop-friendly (for Mac or PC) version of Pixlr offers all the basic tools for easily cropping and resizing your images, as well as stylized filters to turn your photos into sketches and watercolors. When you sign up with a free account with Autodesk you’ll also receive access to additional effects, overlays and double exposure to create more advanced edits. Looking for even more photo flixibility? You can pay $2 a month or $15 a year for advanced tools like Influence Masks for stylized text. Pro members will also get additional features over time.

Photoshop usesrs, don’t jump ship just yet. While the capabilities are great for basic photo editing, Pixlr can’t quite handle the heavy lifting. But it does offer a great (free) alternative for creating mouth-wateringly gorgeous and web-optimized food photos, which means shorter page load times and (hopefully) more visitors!

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