Can you hear that? It’s the sound of sleigh-bells ringing, carolers caroling, and the pitter-patter of content creator’s keyboards.

It’s Yuletide season, meaning everybody’s favorite Christmas recipes are turning up on search engines far and wide. If you produce relevant content appealing to your market, you’ll reap the appetizing benefits of web-traffic starving for holiday meal ideas. Providing a Christmas or Holiday Recipe landing page, where your users can readily access all your holiday-themed content is a surefire way to increase your site’s ranking.

In homage to this most festive time of year, we’re in the spirit of giving. As such, here are some awesome holiday-dish ideas you can compile on your landing page.

Mouth-Watering Main Courses

 You’re going to want to give cooks something they can really sink their teeth into, whether they are novice cooks or seasoned veterans in the kitchen.

Beef Wellington. This flaky, beefy delight is butter-soft and rich. Plus, when somebody types in “beef” on google search, “Wellington” is the second-most commonly searched term.

Ham and Turkey Recipes are always top searches this time of year, and adding seasonal keywords will help your recipes stand out. Try something like “Honey and Cranberry Ham” or “Rosemary and Sage infused Turkey”.

Super Sides and Apps

Help your users start their meal off on the right foot by sharing a light and refreshing salad appetizer. Some ideas include, Baked Brie, Pomegranate Salad and Spiced Nuts

 Scalloped potatoes are absolutely delicious but they aren’t necessarily easy to execute. Your target audience will be clamoring for ideas that truly elevate their concoction.

No Christmas dinner is complete without flavorful Green Beans. Ambitious Christmas-cooks might be browsing for tweaks and variations to add some zeal to this simple side.

Cuisine enthusiasts will definitely want to jazz up their Brussel sprouts during the holidays. Bacon has been a very popular addition as of late!

Sumptuous Sweets

Pecan Pie ranks high in searches year after year. Mix it up by trying a Chocolate Pecan Pie or even a take on a Charleston Pecan Pie.

 Yule logs are a popular traditional Christmas dessert, unlike that other traditional dessert, Fruitcake.

And of course don’t forget the Christmas Cookies! There is likely enough content there for a whole other landing page!