• Why are there different sizes?

    Officially, and for the majority of the Publishers in Gourmet Ads, the 160×600 sized ad unit is the standard skyscraper. The 160×600 is the most popular size around the world, however in the UK, the 120×600 is the most popular size. When you’re working with hundreds of sites around the world like we do at Gourmet Ads, it’s essential to have standards.

    For Gourmet Ads, the UK is the only territory in the world where advertising agencies supply us a 120×600 sized skyscraper. Sometimes we’ll only be provided a 120×600, however more agencies are providing both sizes.

    For UK Publishers we’re often asked for the 120×600 sized ad tag, however we always prefer to provide the 160×600 as a standard. A select few Publishers are restricted to the design of their sites, and as such, we will work within those barriers.

    Which size is best for me?

    In determining which size skyscraper to use, there are two scenarios we consider and both depend on where your website traffic originates. For a UK Publisher with only UK traffic,  the 120×600 is suitable. However, for international sites with traffic in the UK, it’s essential to only use the 160×600.

    In the cases where we’ve only been provided a 120×600, we’ll traffic that ad into the center of the 160×600 sized ad unit. That way we still can deliver the reach required for the advertiser without having to ask publishers to run the 160×600.