Everyone is looking for holiday recipes and ideas this time of year, both users and advertisers. Posting holiday content such as recipes, cocktails, and decorations are all surefire methods to increase your SEO score and users. And more traffic and engaged users, equals increased advertiser dollars from premium holiday ad campaigns. At Gourmet Ads we have mamy premium holiday campaigns running right now and we are always looking for high quality content. To take advantage of this, here are a few tips on getting the right kind of content up on your blog to attract users and advertiser dollars.

Christmas Content

It’s the Christmas season, so Christmas recipes and entertaining ideas are in high demand. Christmas cookies is a top search term, with sugar cookies and royal icing taking the cake (or cookie)! In addition to cookies, ideas for main courses and holiday themed cocktails can drive new users. Try a new twist on traditional drinks like a low carb or dairy-free egg nog or a cranberry mimosa.

Ideas for Christmas decorations, crafts and entertaining are all popular as well. These could be Christmas themed activities for kids, gifting traditions or tips and tricks to make decorating easy and fun! Instructions for building a gingerbread house is a fun idea or plans to make an indoor Christmas village. Many families are searching for and pinning new traditions this year with limitations on travel.

Hanukkah Recipes

Along with Christmas, it is also the season of light with Hanukkah running through December 18th. Popular Hanukkah recipes include potato latkes and doughnuts. This year with the keto craze a healthier or low carb version of these delicacies will drive major traffic. How about a zucchini latke, or a low carb jelly donut cupcake? Sounds too good to be true!

Gift Galleries and Product Reviews

Another top search this time of year is for gifts. Whether it’s gifts for Dads, Moms, two-year-olds, dog lovers, etc. people need ideas. Publishing lists like this are a great way to drive users, advertiser dollars and even an opportunity to benefit from affiliate links. Lists for top toys or gadgets and where to find them can be very helpful. Especially with so many people shopping online.

In addition to gift guides, product reviews can help the discriminating online shopper. Product reviews are another easy opportunity to take advantage of contextual targeting with product names, and affiliate links to drive any item with a positive (or negative) review.

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