Gourmet Ads can manage all the advertising on most food sites

The majority of sites a part of Gourmet Ads will simply drop our ad tags into the code of the site allowing us to run 100% of the impressions. Gourmet Ads runs on the large Appnexus platform which means most Gourmet Ads Publishers don’t require the added complexity of running their own ad server.

However, for a limited numbers of Publishers this isn’t the best solution. For larger food sites (sites with over 1million impressions per day) we recommend using an ad server to give you significant control on how ads are served on your site. It also means that you run multiple ads through one ad space.

Unlike other ad networks, Gourmet Ads is non-exclusive with our publishers which means you can run other networks. However, we do ask that you provide us an equal allocation to any other network running within your adserver.

Publishers using their own ad server typically fall into one of these categories:

  • They have an internal sales team and using Gourmet Ads as part of the ad serving cycle.
  • They use geo-targeting, (i.e. running Gourmet Ads in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ, and other providers in the other countries).
  • The need to run a different ad provider in each category of the site (ie: Gourmet Ads in the food section and another provider in each category such as auto, travel, small business, etc.).
  • They prefer to use multiple sources of advertising.

If you need an ad server

The ability to run multiple ads from different providers will be very appealing to some Publishers. We personally don’t recommend any one ad server to our Publishers, but here are a few ad-server related links to help you navigate the next step.