With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, users are gearing up for holiday planning and of course, holiday shopping. Users are looking for the best deals and the hottest gadgets to snag on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a great time of year to create relevant content that will bring in users and increase affiliate and advertising revenue. Take a look at some great tips we’ve found for creating great content for Black Friday and Cyber Monday below!

Store Lists and Shopping Guides

Shoppers are on the hunt for the stores that will be open this year, and you can provide them with the details they need to be prepared. In addition to listing which major retailers will open their doors this year, you could also include shopping and social distancing guidelines that these retailers plan to enforce. Store lists are easy to draft and have almost universal appeal for shoppers regardless of their demographics.

Highlight Coupons and Shopping Deals

Black Friday is a popular shopping day because it’s so highly competitive. Businesses are releasing door-busting deals and money-saving coupons for this day to stay ahead of the competition, and your content can outline which businesses are having different sales. Coupon codes that can be redeemed via in-store apps for different major retailers are also going to be popular this year, so do some research and list these codes for your viewers.

Create Targeted Gift Guides

Gift guides have been popular for quite some time, especially when it comes to children’s gifts. Not only do consumers want to know what gifts are popular, but they also want to know where to get them for the best price on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Take the time to do some serious market research and see which electronics, toys, and other products are hot this year. Your content can involve an in-depth target gift guide or a large lead magnet that outlines what products are likely to sell out and where to purchase them.

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