When one gets into the digital advertising world, it’s easy to be bombarded by acronyms and advertising definitions that make little to no sense at first. At a basic level, every publisher should know the definitions behind SSP and DSP. DSPs and SSPs are the bedrock of digital advertising, they represent the demand side and the supply side of advertising.

First, let’s break down what DSP means.

What is a DSP?

DSP is short for Demand Side Platform. It is a type of software that is used to buy advertising space through automation. DSPs are used by advertisers and advertising agencies to purchase ads for video, mobile, search, and display. DSPs buy ads via SSPs (Publisher side) through programmatic auctions, AKA real-time bidding.

What is What is an SSP?

SSP is short for Supply Side Platform. It is a type of software that allows websites to sell ad inventory through automation and receive payment. SSPs control the real-time bidding that occurs on the publisher’s site to sell each ad space. The SSPs are what allow the publisher to connect to all the DSPs (buyers).

How do Publishers work with SSPs and DSPs?

DSPs and SSPs are not a “one or the other” set of solutions. In fact, they are two different solutions that work with one another. SSPs directly represent the supply side (which includes digital publishers) and DSPs directly represent the demand side (which includes advertisers). Basically, a DSP will buy advertising space and an SSP will allow a publisher to sell digital ad impressions through auctions that are automated.

If a business has an ad campaign, they will run their ads online via the use of a DSP. Online publishers will sell their inventory via an SSP, which connect to various DSPs, to source the demand and receive the demand from these various campaigns. In turn, the DSPs are paid by advertisers, who then pay the SSP, who then pay Publishers.

It is important for Publishers to establish relationships with top SSPs, these relationships are what bring Publishers unique and competitive advertising demand for their site. However, establishing these relationships can be difficult and often times out of reach for most online publishers. That’s where someone like Gourmet Ads comes into play.

Gourmet Ads as an Advertising Solution

Gourmet Ads provides a custom solution for all our publishers that allows you to seamlessly integrate with all the top SSPs and DSPs in the digital advertising world. We bring all the coveted relationships and proprietary technology that links you with thousands of top advertising buyers and campaigns. This allows you the publisher the ability to focus on creating great content and not having to worry about SSP, DSP, CMP, and DMP (more acronyms for another day!). We make sure you are covered from A-Z.

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Gourmet Ads has a worldwide publisher reach and offers a global perspective to the grocery advertising world. We allow brands to target audiences wherever they are around the world, whenever: And with over a billion monthly impressions, Gourmet Ads is not stopping anytime soon.

 The Gourmet Ads publishing team directly manages thousands of quality food, grocery, cuisine, and wine publishers using our own proprietary ad serving technology, all while being efficiently integrated on Appnexus infrastructure and with major SSPs.