Brand advertisers can target prime page placements

For advertisers requiring their advertising to appear above-the-fold, Gourmet Ads provides an above-the-fold targeting option that ensures creative will only display when a user’s browser window loads.

Gourmet Ads’ above-the-fold targeting is an ad-server based solution, and as the page loads, takes into consideration different web browsers, monitor sizes, and screen resolutions. Then, within micro seconds, the ad server only displays your ads above-the-fold after taking the user’s page display into consideration. Over time we’ve found that our dynamic above-the-fold targeting is far more effective than manually selecting ad units on the page.

Above-the-fold targeting is an ideal targeting option for brand advertisers looking to maximize their advertising budgets, while ensuring their ads are always top of the page and being seen by their target audience. In addition if you’re running a retargeting campaign, then above-the-fold targeting will help improve the campaign’s performance.

Over time we’ve found that advertisers utilizing above-the-fold targeting can experience engagement and click through rates (CTR) at up to 30% higher than if there was no targeting applied to campaign.