Making great recipe videos is not as easy as it may seem. There are many aspects of the process to consider, and if you get it wrong it could have a negative effect on your traffic and your profits. We’ve compiled 6 tips to take the mystery out of creating recipe videos for your site.

  1. Good equipment

Without good camera and lighting equipment, the video that you make could appear amateur. If you want to give any product credibility by creating a video about it, making it a good quality video is the first step to success. Invest in decent equipment and look for highly recommended cameras and lights that would work well together to avoid fuzzy pictures. Don’t underestimate a good sound recording system either – no one will want to watch a video that sounds crackly or muffled!

  1. Clear and concise process

Always have someone cooking a recipe who really knows what they are doing. The ‘expert’ doesn’t need to be a celebrity chef, nor do they have to be well practiced like the cooks on the TV. However, the presenter needs to know how to cook the recipes and give clear instructions to their audience. Always know the measurements for what you are cooking and make sure all your preparation is done beforehand – have all of your ingredients in front of you and set out in an aesthetically pleasing way (in small bowls for example).

2. Keep the video short

No matter how keen a cook the viewer is, no one will want to watch any recipe videos that are too long. Again, keep it concise and your viewers will find it much easier to follow. If just one camera angle seems to be a little boring, mix it up and use close-ups of the food from high angles. This will give the viewer an idea of how their food should look.

3. Make your recipe videos search engine accessible

By adding keywords to your recipe videos and tagging them, you can make them a lot easier to find via a search engine.

4. “Watchability”

When the final video has been created, make sure it is well edited to give it a smooth appearance. Make sure lots of camera angles are used to make the clip a lot more exciting to view, however don’t go overboard- too many changes in camera angles could make your viewers dizzy!

5. The Best Tip of All

So many chefs that appear in recipe videos look so miserable when they are cooking, so the best thing you can have in your video is your chef smiling! A smile goes a long way, and just could be the last straw in making recipe videos, making your audience is a lot more likely to stick around and watch a clip of someone enjoying cooking.

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