• Regardless of the size of your food site, launching into the world of video advertising can be a daunting task. Understanding how will it affect your site’s aesthetics, your visitor’s experience, even your revenue opportunities, can make your next step into video much easier. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why outstream video with Gourmet Ads is the best choice for your food site:
    1. High CPMs: Advertisers pay premium prices for outstream video units. Network wide we’re seeing CPMs in the $4+ range.
    2. Quality Advertisers: We have high quality brand name video campaigns from companies like Hillshire, Dairy Queen, and Overstock. All ads are family friendly and subject to our strict quality control.
    3. Easy to Install: Installation is a breeze if you use the Gourmet Ads WordPress Plugin. There are only 2 steps, and they both involve just copying and pasting! Our Publisher Support Team is also available to walk you through installation, or to install the tags for you.
    4. Enhanced Reader Experience: What good is making money if you scare your readers away? Outstream is very reader friendly because it only plays video when the player is in view, and only plays audio upon mouse over. (See demo here)
    5. Fast Load Times: Video ads have a bad reputation for causing sites to lag. We’ve built our video player to load very quickly. It loads asynchronously which means it doesn’t hold up any other page elements from loading.
    Want to try it for yourself? Become a Gourmet Ads Publisher and request an outstream tag from Publisher Support today.