Mobile Advertising for Food Publishers

Gourmet Ads’ mobile advertising solutions are specifically designed for food, cooking or recipe publishers to monetize their Mobile Web Site and or Mobile Apps.

For food publishers with high volumes of mobile traffic to their desktop website, Gourmet Ads can run mobile-specific ad units that appear when viewed on a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android phone, iPad or other tablet all via a single set of ad tags.

Mobile Advertising Units

Gourmet Ads currently supports the following Mobile Ad Units;

  • 320×50 (standard mobile banner)
  • 300×250 (standard banner)
  • 320×480/640×960 (full screen)

For iPad and tablet devices, we run a variety of HTML5 advertising units that are engaging for users.

If you’re already a Gourmet Ads Publisher and would like to include mobile advertising on your site, please contact us.

If you’d like to become a Gourmet Ads Publisher to run mobile advertising, please Apply Here.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising