Interstitials are full page ads with high CPM rates

An interstitial ad consists of a splash page, or overlay, that displays before the content on your site loads. The interstitial is typically displayed for 10 to 15 seconds before taking the viewer to the desired content page.

Advertisers provide interstitial advertising in static, rich media or video advertising formats. Commonly used creative sizes include 800×600, 600×400 or 720×300. We encourage advertisers to keep the creative concise, captivating and straight to the point as well as making sure the ad loads quickly.

Interstitial advertisements are commonly capped to display once every 24 hours to ensure a positive user experience.

Features of interstitial advertising

  • High CPM rates
  • Video, rich media or static creative
  • Frequency capped

If you’re a Healthy Ads approved Publisher and would like to include interstitial ads on your site, please contact us.