300×1050 – Portrait

The Portrait Ad Unit

Part of the IAB’s Rising Star Ad Unit category, the Portrait Ad Unit is typically positioned in the right hand side of a website and is one of the largest ad units currently in market. Not for every Publisher, the portrait ad unit is 300×1050, and fits in the right hand side of a page designed for 300 pixels wide.  It replaces at least two standard ad units.

The portrait ad unit is highly interactive, while being content-driven, it contains three expandable modules. Typically advertisers present a highly visual, eye-catching experience in the top module, and some interesting supplementary functionality in the two secondary modules such as a blog feed or video. The portrait ad unit is custom branded and can include video and photo galleries, an interactive map, a poll or quiz, Twitter, Facebook and other social integration, a content feed, coupons, and more.

Very few digital advertising agencies are currently creating this unit, and in most cases only large brand advertisers utilize this ad unit as part of their creative.

The portrait ad unit is typically reserved publishers who are doing large volumes of traffic as implementation is done on a site by site basis by the advertising or creative agency.

Features of the portrait ad unit

  • High paying CPM rates
  • Very large creative space (usually 300×1050)
  • Greater revenue compared to standard units
  • Combines video, rich media and static creative

If you’re a Gourmet Ads publisher and would like to include Portrait Ad Unit on your site, please contact us.