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Technical Tools

WordPress Hosting

Just about everybody with a website is using or is at least considering using WordPress as their chosen platform. It…

Gourmet Ads vs. Ad Servers: 5 reasons not to use Google Ad Manager (DFP)

Trying to decide between Gourmet Ads and an ad server? Learn why Gourmet Ads replaces the need for a DFP ad server.

Why you should use Asynchronous Ad Tags

The key benefit of asynchronous ad tags is faster loading for your site. Learn the many other benefits, and how you can benefit today.

Do you need your own ad server?

While Gourmet Ads provides an ad server for all Publishers, some require an exclusive ad server. Find out if you need your own.

Why you need your own domain name

Your food blog is your brand, and a domain name is essential to building that brand. Learn how and why to dump the subdomain today.

Vast 2.0 video ads for Publishers

Learn more about VAST 2.0 video players and how to use them on your food site.

Quick start guide

Welcome to Gourmet Ads! Here are a few tips to help you get started! Place your ad tags. Log in…

Why you should hard code our ad tags

There are various ways to implement ad tags from Gourmet Ads. The first is our preferred method of hard coding them to the site directly.

What is a click through rate?

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a key performance metric most advertisers ultimately use to measure the success of a campaign.

How to position your ad units

Placing your ads strategically will help you earn the highest revenue possible. Take advantage of our time-tested tips.

How to minimize ad-serving discrepancies

It’s a fact that discrepancies exist throughout the ad serving ecosystem. We've provided several ideas on why discrepancies exist, as well as ideas to minimize them.

iFrames reduce Publisher revenue

For the vast majority of publishers in Gourmet Ads, the most ideal setup for our JavaScript ad tags is for them to be hard coded directly onto your website.
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5 tips for great recipe videos

We've compiled 6 tips to take the mystery out of creating recipe videos for your site.

How to maximize your viewability rating

Learn how to maximize your viewability and your revenues online.

Pixlr photo editor free on desktop

Every great food post needs equally great photos, and with the help of Pixlr, you can create beautiful photos with…

Publisher Revenue Maximization Guide

Essential reading for any Publisher tasked with growing their monthly revenue. Our Publisher Revenue Maximization Guide is a comprehensive guide…

Viewability Guide

This 20-page guide offers simple tools you can use to increase your viewability, and your site revenues today!

Traffic Booster Guide

Our Traffic Booster Guide contains over 40 proven methods for increasing visitors to your food site.

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