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Gourmet Ads provides another way for our Publishers to earn revenue – by referring other Publishers!   If a site you refer joins Gourmet Ads through the trackable link provided in your Publisher Console, you can earn a $50 bonus.

The referred site must qualify, send us 150,000 impressions and be with us for at least 90 days to count as a referral.   You can easily track your referrals and your earnings in the referral reporting section of Publisher Console. Once the sites you refer meet the criteria, we credit the bonus to your account. It’s that simple. Become a Publisher and earn more by sharing Gourmet Ads!

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Tools to make advertising easy

Gourmet Ads takes the hassle out of advertising with a full suite of technical tools. If you’re short on time or don’t have the technical expertise, utilize our plug-and-play resources to help you simplify and automate many of the advertising processes on your site. Tools available to Gourmet Ads Publishers include:

Become a Gourmet Ads Publisher to utilize these tools on your site today!

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Full-service ad management

We understand that running a profitable food site takes considerable time and hard work. Let our experienced team help you maximize your advertising revenue with our Concierge Service: a comprehensive, customized ad management resource designed for the Publisher with at least 500K page-views per month.

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Header Bidding & Prebid

Header bidding, also known as dynamic allocation is a sophisticated advertising technique allowing Publishers to offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before making calls to their ad servers. We run a unified auction outside of the primary ad server, which allows advertisers to cherry-pick impressions at the highest priority. This is sometimes called “first look” and provides significant revenue uptick when applied to a Publisher’s entire ad stack.

By letting multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, Publishers increase their yield and earnings using Header Bidding.

Features of header bidding include:

  • Higher CPMs
  • Access to Additional Demand Soruces
  • Fast response times (under 500ms)

Gourmet Ads offers publishers two type of Header Bidding Integrations for their websites.

    1. Fully Integrated via Header Page Tag 
      Gourmet Ads offers all Publishers by default access to Header Bidding demand based on We execute this via our Header Page Tag which on average seeing 7-8 times the demand compared to standard placement level JavaScript or Traditional Ad Tags. Gourmet Ads have done all the heavy lift here, and is best described as Copy and Paste.
    2. Integrated with
      For publishers with advanced technical skills , Gourmet Ads has our own Prebid adaptor which can be integrated into your setup. By integrating directly using our Prebid adapter you’ll get all our demand
    3. Become a Gourmet Ads Publisher to utilize these Header Bidding on your site today!

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