Moore or Less Cooking

A Smart Start

Joining the Gourmet Ads family was always in the cards for Nettie Moore of Moore or Less Cooking. As a veteran blogger, Nettie found Gourmet Ads via several blogger friends who’d recommended the platform. Since 2014, Nettie has found support in growing her reader base and increasing her ad revenue with Gourmet Ads.

Making it Easy

“Gourmet Ads made it easy for me to make money,” Moore comments. “The platform was simple to install and responses to questions were always prompt,” she said. As with anything worth having, growing advertising on a website takes a bit of work, but it comes with great rewards. “There have been tweaks and changes I’ve made along the way with my blog to find the right ad mix for my readers, but Gourmet Ads is always knowledgeable and helpful in their support.”

Making it Profitable

With the help of Gourmet Ads and exceptional content, even the novice food blogger can create a successful revenue stream. Nettie recommends a calculated approach: “Know who your target audience is and understand how to draw them into your site and keep them coming back. Gourmet Ads has great tips to running a successful blog – take advantage of them! It’s very possible to make money with your food blog. It takes a lot of hard work and great content, but Gourmet Ads can help you make it happen!”

The Midnight Baker

The Missing Piece

Making money with her food site was never an issue for Judy. She’d been blogging successfully for a few years before she’d even heard about Gourmet Ads, and her site, The Midnight Baker was doing fairly well with it’s existing ad partners.

“I actually hadn’t even heard of Gourmet Ads until I received a referral email from a colleague,” Judy revealed. “I didn’t think joining up with them was in my best interest as I’d been satisfied with the companies I already had…but I was very wrong.”

Growing Strong

It didn’t take long for Judy’s skepticism to turn to belief. After just 30 days, she saw a noticeable improvement in her Gourmet Ads revenue – even higher than her long-term ad partners.   “I decided to try Gourmet Ads for 30 days. When I saw how the ads performed, even below the fold, I knew I’d be a Gourmet Ads Publisher for good,” Judy said.

Increased revenue wasn’t the only benefit Judy found as a Gourmet Ads Publisher. “Gourmet Ads has one of the best publisher interfaces I’ve seen and trust me, I’ve seen several. Their console is easy to navigate, uses plain English for the categories and last but not least, keeps me informed of current campaigns I can take advantage of just by adding a few keywords,” she mentions.

The Ideal Partner

Judy also notes the seamless support system offered to Gourmet Ads Publishers: “I haven’t had any trouble with ad tags or anything else for that matter, but any time I have a question, my account manager, Krystle, promptly answers it. I love knowing I can contact an actual person instead of some nebulous and impersonal “support” department.”

Little Sweet Baker

The Right Ingredients

As a brand new blog, Little Sweet Baker had all the right ingredients for success: delicious recipes with mouthwatering photos, and great stories to sweeten the deal, but Lily Ernst had plans to grow her site to share her confections with the world, and she needed a great ad partner to complete the package. Gourmet Ads was her choice.

The Right Partner

“I hadn’t heard of Gourmet Ads until they reached out to me, “ Ernst said. “The introduction emails were persistent but very professional. I could tell that Gourmet Ads was a reputable company.”

Lily became a Gourmet Ads Publisher nearly 2 years ago and has been full steam ahead ever since, utilizing both standard and high-impact placements as part of her advertising mix. “All the ads that appear on my site are quality, family-oriented ads – a perfect fit for my audience,” she comments.

Sweet Success

Lily has also seen the fruits of her labor via CPMs that have helped her meet and exceed her revenue goals. “I am very pleased with Gourmet Ads. Everything from the customer service, ad quality and Publisher Console is second to none. I can’t stress enough how happy I am with all my interactions with Gourmet Ads. They are definitely the best ad partner to work with.”